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Darling In The Franxx Merch is the official merchandise for Darling In The Franxx anime fans. We are #1 Darling In The Franxx Apparel & Collectibles. 

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Welcome to Darling In The Franxx Merch

 (Japanese: ダーリン・イン・ザ・フランキス, Hepburn: Dārin In Za Furankisu), called DarliFra (ダリフラ, DariFura), is a 2018 Japanese animated science fiction movie television series created by CloverWorks and animated by CloverWorks and Trigger that premiered on January 13, 2018.  The series was declared at Trigger’s Anime Expo 2017 panel at July 2017.  A manga adaptation by Kentaro Yabuki and yet another four-panel comic strip manga began serialization on January 14, 2018.

From the popular anime series comes our Darling In The Franxx Merchandise. So if you’re a true fan of DarliFra, check out what Darling In The Franxx Merch offers. Shop all the science fiction anime choices from this anime Merch and of course our apparel and cosplay collections.

Why Choose Darling In The Franxx Hoodie?

Looking for a fun way to show your love with this anime? Here we comes a bunch of hoodies with catchy taglines and best graphic following 24 episodes of this highly ranked anime events with a lot going on beneath its surface. Well, needless to say, our Darling In The Franxx Hoodies are made in such a manner they can nourish your appetite.  A desire for trend is something that #1 compromises.  Fashion needs are shifting all of the ways.  Since you’re fond of style.  We develop a solution.  Our DITF Hoodie with all sarcastic and novelty is dope enough and snatched enough to complete your wardbore and your looks for sure.

The Official Darling In The Franxx Merch – Our Collection

At Darling In The Franxx Merchandise, you can get a various selection of apparel which ranges from T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Shoes, Pants, and headwear that’s made only as of the product of your favourite anime! Each apparel was made to be comfortable and vibrant using high-quality fabric, beautiful graphics, and top-notch fashions and cuts that’ll revamp our clothes just like no one other and allow you to specify a mode statement that everybody will turn their minds in amazement! With a large selection of clothes, we’re confident everyone will see what they’re interested in with just a click.

 The Mission Of Darling In The Franxx Merchandise

 If you’re looking for good and authentic, Darling In The Franxx Merchandise is definitely a good place to start! We offer a great selection of the best and up to date DITF merchandise as well a large selection of apparels, accessories, and figurines with affordable price and international shipping for DarliFra’s fan show off your love with this amazing anime!

 Where to buy Zero Two Figures? 

The Darling in the Franxx merchandise was created to create awareness and boost the fandom of this anime. The drive behind the merchandise is to spread the word about Darling in the Franxx and make sure that as many people as possible are pleased with this anime. It is also a way for fans to get together and share their love for this great manga.

DarliFra Plot 

In the post-apocalyptic future, under constant threat from giant creatures known as the Kyoryū (叫 竜? ) . Kyoryū are classified into at least four categories according to their size: “Conrad” [b] , “Mohorovičić” [c] , “Gutenberg” [d] , and “Lehmann” [e] . Pushed to the brink of destruction, a mysterious organization called APE has led the remnants of humanity from the surface of the earth to the mobile fortress cities called Plantation. In order to protect the Plantation, the children known as Parasites are trained to control a giant machine named Franxx [f] (フ ラ ン キ スFurankisu ? ). Franxx works on the synchronization of a male-female pair. Hiro is a pilot, however he is unable to synchronize with his partner and neither of them complete the training program. While fleeing the class’s graduation ceremony, Hiro meets Zero Two, a notorious Franxx operator with the Kyoryū bloodline. After Zero Two’s partner died while being attacked by Kyoryū, Hiro volunteered to become a partner (or ” darling ” as Zero Two calls him).

In the early 21st century, a group of scientists with no origin or nationality was identified as “APE”. This organization operates at the core of the Landmark Association. APE has introduced revolutionary mining technology to fully harness magma from deep underground to create a new energy source that is both adequate and low-cost. This progress has made APE a great influence in the international economy and politics, promoting the development of all human civilization.

In 2025, APE hired scientist Werner Frank to research into human immortality. His research was successful, initially allowing the rich to become immortal at the expense of losing their reproductive functions. Eventually, the option became popular. However, the excessive use of magma energy has resulted in the increasing desertification of the planet, leading to the creation of plantations containing their own ecosystems.

By 2037, Kyoryū appeared to attack the magma power plant, leading Werner Frank to develop the Franxx units that appeared five years later. Many people have sacrificed themselves to contribute to the development of the Franxx units, including Werner’s wife, Karina Milsa. Werner Frank also used a hair sample of Princess Kyoryū to extract DNA to create Zero Two. Finally, a pairing system of associates named Parasite was established. The Garden called Mistilteinn was built so these kids can develop the emotional responses needed to pilot a Franxx.

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