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Announcement OFFICIAL Genshin Merchandise

You might remember Genshin Impact from a few years back – he was a very popular Dark Souls caster who was sponsored by Twitch and partnered with Curse, and has since then continued to produce high-quality content as an independent streamer. He’s also one of our favorites, and we’re pleased to announce that we’re launching official merchandise for those who want to support his channel. There are 3 different options for you to purchase: starting at $5 for a digital keychain, going up to $20 for a t-shirt and $40 for an enamel pin.

1. What’s the best option for buying Genshin Impact merchandise?

The best option for buying Genshin Impact merchandise is through the Genshin Impact shop on this site.Also, a big thank you to Genshin Impact for partnering with us – all proceeds from the merchandise sales will be donated to the Against Malaria Foundation.

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2. How can you support Genshin Impact and help his channel grow?

We would love for you to help us grow. If you want to help us grow, you can do a few things. You can share this video with your friends, you can subscribe to the channel, you can leave a comment, you can follow us on social media, and you can help us get more sponsors.If you’re interested in learning more about us or whatever you’d like to see Genshin Impact do, you can find us on Twitter and Google+, or our blog. I’d love to hear your thoughts, feedback and suggestions!

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3. What happens if you don’t reach your goal?

If you don’t reach your goal, what will you do? A good way to avoid this problem is to have a plan for what you’ll do if you don’t reach your goal.If you don’t reach your final goal, send an email to and we’ll give you an option for alternate payment options (such as a pro membership or a discounted store credit).
We believe that early adopters and evangelists are crucial to the success of any community or company, and have been small but very effective evangelists internally, so we hope to continue to grow and engage with the rest of the community in a similar way.
To keep up to date with the latest info on Genshin Impact, be sure to keep an eye on social media – for video recaps and important announcements, you can follow @genshinimpact on Twitter and @Critchlow on Twitter
The t-shirt:
And the pin:
By the way, if you don’t feel like you really want to support an independent streamer, there are some amazing charities that support Dark Souls enthusiasts – and if you’re in the UK, then check out Hydration UK, whose Shop Dark is one of the UK’s largest online retailers. Or, if you’re in Seattle, Washington, check out Passion Fruit Interactive. There are lots of ways to show your support! Because we’re independent, we also appreciate your smallest donations being even more significant. To that end, hit that “T-Shirt Pledge” button!
@Critchlow and crew
The @Critchlow / @CodeForte channel on Twitter is definitely worth following.


4. How does this differ from a Kickstarter or Indiegogo Campaign?

Unlike Kickstarter or Indiegogo, Patreon allows you to set rewards for different levels of support in your community.The cool thing about this is that if you enjoyed seeing Genshin our awesome streamer, your support means that he’ll be able to dedicate more time to his stream – hopefully, it will result in even more great commentary along the way. For those of us who aren’t hardcore gamers, it can be harder to follow everything everyone is saying, so we hope that the merch will help make commentary even easier*!
Genshin is sorely missed by those who have been following his stream, and would like to extend our sincerest condolences to his family and those who know him best. He’s committed to channeling the positive energy and excitement around him into even more fun and entertaining work – be sure to show him some love! And, if you ever see him live, take it personally – you can usually tell he feels honored to be recognized by those who’ve cheered him on.
*The closest thing to WTF at the moment… I’m pretty sure it’s just me laughing at myself. 😛
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