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Darling in the Franxx Season 2 release date: When will it premiere?

It has been more than 2 years since the movie Darling in the Franxx aired (January 13rd, 2018). After watching 24 episodes, most people praised this mecha anime series. Although the ending is quite satisfying with many emotional feelings, many fans of the anime want a Season 2.

In recent days, the anime lovers community in general and the movie in particular, have exploded in a discussion when suddenly appeared a link to countdown the release date of Darling in the Franxx Season 2:

unnamed file - DARLING in the FRANXX Merch

Main interface of the website

In this link, we can see that the due date is 21st April, 2021, which is in about 2 months and a half. So is the series\’ second season going to be officially released?

1. The date hasn’t been confirmed yet.

According to my research, this is a website that everyone can create a countdown date. And obviously, the countdown to the movie\’s release date is created by some fans, not official information.

unnamed file 1 - DARLING in the FRANXX Merch

As we can see on the main screen, there is an “unconfirmed” red sign beside the date.

2. Will there be season 2 or a sequel?

The first season was a collaboration between Studio Trigger (Kill la Kill) and CloverWorks (Persona 5: The Animation) and while its feedback was quite complicated – particularly over the finale – it was still a success and won numerous awards.

unnamed file 2 - DARLING in the FRANXX Merch

Darling in the Franxx – a successful collaboration between two studios

As being a joint work of two studios, the possibility of another season in the near future is quite small with how busy they are with other projects.

Moreover, the producers have not stated whether they intend to or not. There will most likely not be a second season until the end of this year as the earliest, as the series ended on a very conclusive note.

unnamed file 3 - DARLING in the FRANXX Merch

Darling in the Franxx

During the 2018 CrunchyRoll Expo, the director Atsushi Nishigori of the series had an interview about the chance of having a sequel:

  • InterviewerI was talking with Studio Trigger, and they said they were up for a sequel if our director is willing to take on a sequel.
  • Atsushi NishigoriMy mind is completely emptied. Over time, if my passion wells up and there’s a qualified talent that wants to come along, then maybe.

In conclusion, it turns out that we may not have a Season 2 or a sequel, but the success of the show makes a follow-up entirely possible.

Keep an eye out on our page as we will update any news as soon as anything official is confirmed.

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