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Hiro – Darling in the Franxx: 5 Fun Facts You Want To Know

Hiro - Darling in the Franxx: 5 Fun Facts You Want To Know

Hiro is part of what makes Darling in the Franxx such an interesting show. Here’s what you need to know about him. Hiro is the main protagonist of Darling in the Franxx and gets tons of screentime. Fans of the show are in love with the relationship that he shares with 002 and how he handles the fact that he may die by trying to stay beside her. Hiro goes through a ton of character development throughout the show, which eventually ends in him sacrificing himself to save humanity. Between his love triangle and desperate attempts to pilot a franxx, Hiro became an interesting character. Here’s what you need to know about him.

1. His Piloting Obsession Isn’t Natural

Hiro - Darling in the Franxx: 5 Fun Facts You Want To Know

Hiro never had a natural obsession with piloting; it was added in place of his undesirable nature when he was altered after meeting 002. This caused Hiro to be willing to throw away his own life as he is programmed to believe that his life is useless unless he can use a franxx.

This is even shown up to the very end of the show, and despite his love for 002 doesn’t seem to ever fully go away.

2. He Rides With Mitsuru In The Manga

Mitsuru and Hiro promised to ride together when they were younger, while this is never done in the anime, the manga lets this happen. This is a huge deal as same-sex pairs aren’t supposed to be capable of piloting a franxx together.

Hiro did forget this promise during his memory wipe but made sure to carry through on it in the manga much to many fans’ delight.

3. Different In The Manga

Hiro’s story in the manga is actually quite different towards the end. In the manga, 002 and Hiro don’t die and go on to live a normal life with the rest of the parasites left on Earth. This is a unique take on the ending, but it doesn’t really reveal much about the future of the pair.

If you are looking for a happier ending than what was shown in the anime, the manga is the way to go.

4. He Had The Most Partners

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Despite being unable to pilot at the beginning of the series, he actually has piloted the biggest assortment of franxx and rode with the most partners. While 002 is the only one he is completely compatible with, this shows that Hiro is actually pretty versatile.

5. Naming Was A Defect

One of the many defects that Hiro possessed was the want to name the other parasites. This was one of the warning signs that Hiro wasn’t going to work well as a parasite as it showed that he was once again too adventurous for PAPA to fully control.

It’s a bit of a wonder why he was allowed to name any of his teammates, and his memory wasn’t wiped when he began the naming process.

Above is a list of the top 5 interesting facts about Hiro – the main character of Darling in the Franxx Anime. We hope you enjoy the post. For more blogs about this Anime, visit our website.
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