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Otaku Review – Darling in the FranXX – Analysis & Evaluation

That was my impression after watching the first episode for the first time. In my mind at that time there were many lines of thought, my hands were shaking and I could not sit still, smiling mouth wanting to punch as much as possible. I can say I\’m quite excited. Darling in the Franxx volume 1 is a sakuga party in both quality and quantity. When I watched the PV I was a bit worried that maybe the production would spread the manpower even so the first episodes would be just as good but not excellent. The closer I got to the show, the more I realized how mistaken I was, it seemed that ANIPLEX wanted A-1 to not hold back and play all the ace at the beginning of the game to catch the largest possible audience, understandable because DarliFran is original and no fanbase available. Honestly, I don\’t know how to write because every minute you choose, there\’s something worth mentioning and complimenting.

I will start with animation director Masayoshi Tanaka as this episode was heavily edited by him. Over the course of 24 minutes, DarliFran\’s principles have not changed, there is no scene where the main look is overshadowed by the styles of the animators. From the beginning to the end, Tanaka\’s design is exclusive and he can easily see his imprints such as the shape of the character\’s face, the part where Naomi cries or the part where Hiro runs parallel to the mech. I\’m pretty sure this is the first episode that decides the number of followers. Even Masayoshi Tanaka he couldn\’t edit every scene in every episode as production time is limited by show schedule.

This volume is produced by the A-1 and only the last episode is managed by the team at TRIGGER. A-1\’s Koenji studio and a handful of talented freelance animators joined the production process to make this nearly 24-minute acting rich. Although the movement of the walk is fast, every moment is full of vitality and personality, the 2 most memorable moments are the scene at the lake shore and the short talk between 02 and Hiro in battle. Excellent acting. Nishigori\’s work has always had something very obvious and honest, from the way he designed the scene to the character acting, everything communicates to the viewer clearly understands what these characters are feeling and better. Even so, feeling Nishigori\’s enthusiasm for what he loves and the works that changed him.

Otaku Review - Darling in the FranXX - Analysis & Evaluation
Otaku Review – Darling in the FranXX – Analysis & Evaluation

The architectural design and the world are quite unique, although you can smell a little of GAINAX everywhere. Anyway, it\’s always a plus when the artist doesn\’t use a simple design and copy almost exactly the same into the anime, or use real Japanese footage to overwrite with edits. Satoru Hirayanagi holds a managerial position in this stage and under him is the background design department of A-1 and studio NAM HAI. Their most recent product is Youjo Senki. I don\’t have much to comment on except “Very good!” because the wallpapers themselves do not have anything to blame. Personally, I do not like the overall DarlinFran color gamut, the main tones are light colors like gray, blue, and white which are quite squash and weak. Not really a problem but I\’m a fan of more prominent colors like in Idolm @ ster or KLK.

The action of this episode has not had much resistance to the kaijuu beating mech but focuses on the destructive level of kaijuu and the mech with impressive hand-drawn effects. AND MECH LIKES KAIJUU TODAY. Yes, this episode does not have CGI (much), you can rest assured that pushing the screening time from spring to winter will not affect the CGI ratio and hand-drawing in the first episodes. Not yet. And there\’s not much room yet for Imaishi to stretch his legs and stretch his arms and show off what he does best but the end is a good example of what you can expect from him. The design of the kaijuu seems to be quite monotonous, hopefully this will improve. The opposite of Strelitzia\’s design is Tauburn (Stardriver) with bum, I like. During production, Imaishi and Koyama had a short talk about robot design which concluded that “drawing mech like girl Idolm @ ster is Nishigori like”, and so,

As for the plot itself, I don\’t have much to say, currently episode 1 just sets the world, the characters and attracts the audience, but, I still think DarliFran will not tell any story that is enough to move. I. I came for the girl\’s sake, eye-catching action and acting were main and I had all of that. If the anime continues to maintain its form and add a steamy romance to sickness, then too perfect.

After all, we\’re just animals that run after the trym\’s instincts, well.
Ichigo smells like a girl with NTR, it\’s a pity for me that I lost before the anime started. I love Ichigo\’s design and her mech outfit with the wedding veil emblem. Well, how innocent and cute when the person you love is snatched away from nowhere. Although I initially hoped that 02 were under the category of mysterious conspiracy girls, but in the end she was a wild beast with hot blood, completely not Asuka, I still enjoyed it.

Hiro seems to belong to the type of protagonist people hate, my advice is to treat these types of characters like girls and guns, that\’s it. “Hiro is a young woman who was grabbed by two young men in the shoujo manga”, like that. I myself am quite fine with this kind of depressive personality, partly maybe because I have many similarities, partly because I\’m a bit gay, apparently. Well, as long as I don\’t behave like a 100% bastard, that\’s fine, I\’ve watched a lot of shows with guys who are even worse than that.

Otaku Review - Darling in the FranXX - Analysis & Evaluation
Otaku Review – Darling in the FranXX – Analysis & Evaluation

That\’s all for the first volume of Darling in the Franxx, the latter will probably be more modest. I will follow this series closely and write articles on a monthly basis because I myself am not able to put the content out continuously like this.



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