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The new episode of Darling In The Franxx caused Fandom to explode

The most recent episode of the anime Darling in the Franxx strange, horn oligarchy led fandom community experiencing many changes. This show\’s journey from fanservice nonsense to sci-fi genre effects is amazing to watch, even though my heart is breaking.

The new episode of Darling In The Franxx caused Fandom to explode
The new episode of Darling In The Franxx caused Fandom to explode

Darling in the Franxx is an anime about teenagers who control giant mech by way of doggystyle. Yes, you \’ve read correctly. While some of the first episodes actually leaned toward a genuinely sexualized the show\’s main characters, that has steadily declined in recent episodes. During the 14 episodes that aired, Franxx went deep into character relationships and evolved into a show about the confusion between dating, love and sex as a teenager and pressure. of society\’s expectations for them. It\’s also slowly revealing the plot of its gripping incest society, where the show\’s teenagers have been denied basic information like how humans make up and what a kiss is.

The love triangle between the three characters has become one of the main driving factors in the recent plot. Essentially, Ichigo, the protagonist Hiro\’s childhood friend, fosters a relationship between Hiro and his lover, a mysterious girl named Zero Two. The previous episode has built Hiro and Zero Two\’s relationship significantly, revealing that Zero Two has always viewed Hiro as her true love. In the latest episode, Ichigo split them up, refusing to let them talk to each other. She finally confesses her unrequited love for Hiro and kisses him. It\’s an act she tries to tell her friends for the sake of the group – Zero Two is dangerous and has tried to kill Hiro before – but is actually the result of her jealousy with Zero Two and Hiro. At the end of the episode, Zero Two had left the other teenagers and Hiro shed tears.

Here\’s some Gossip Girl nonsense , and I love it, although the characters\’ pain makes me grimace in sympathy. Among these unrequited love, Goro, Ichigo\’s current mech driving partner, who tells Ichigo that he loves her and is rejected, actually sees Ichigo when she kisses Hiro. His response was extremely understandable: he smiled sadly and then quietly left.

The new episode of Darling In The Franxx caused Fandom to explode
The new episode of Darling In The Franxx caused Fandom to explode

I was there buddy.

The interpersonal dramatic segment with an apocalyptic storyline was the one that was emphasized in the first episode, but I feel like the series has gone on, making the best use of the contrasting storytelling opportunities. As the audience learns that the situation these kids are in is even worse than it originally was, their interpersonal relationships are increasingly chaotic. Throughout the series, we learned that the adult city they are defending is an emotionless, emotionless world where things like romantic relationships are considered an “old custom”. and children are not expected to become adults. The characters switch partners, confess their love to each other, and their hearts are broken. It\’s like any good teen series, in which the instability of the world is just a metaphor for maturity. It then follows up that Ichigo\’s selfishness will cause her to make some hasty decisions. She thinks that she can force Hiro to love her because she loves him, and the only thing in her way is Zero Two. She doesn\’t know yet that you can\’t create a relationship when the other person doesn\’t feel the same. She is an affectionate teenage girl – if Hiro leaves her, then it really is the end of the world in her eyes.

Franxx fans have risen about Ichigo\’s actions, some to the point where they say they will quit the show. An animation producer for CloverWorks, one of the studios that are producing the show, asked fans of the show ” Remember to watch next week, no matter how it plays ” on Twitter right away. after the episode was broadcast. The responses to that tweet had a lot of fans saying their hearts were broken , that the episode was very enticing , and most worryingly, the meme of Zero Two holding a gun . Some fans on Twitter started a hashtag, #bitchigo, where they called for the character\’s death. The Darling in FranxxThe subreddit had a small uprising after the episode aired, one user called it a ” cult anti-Ichigo ” before everyone calmed down. However, evidence of a recently resolved but still very intense controversy remains on the subreddit. The most popular post is a meme that depicts the honor guard armies of both Zero Two and Ichigo fighting each other:

The new episode of Darling In The Franxx caused Fandom to explode
The new episode of Darling In The Franxx caused Fandom to explode

I\’m not surprised that Franxx fans turn on Ichigo after the end of the final episode. Hiro and Zero Two had a very sweet love story, and she acted extremely selfish. However, I wish the fan\’s anger was not shown so suddenly in a character that just acted according to her personality. I definitely want to see Hiro and Zero Two get back together, but I also sympathize with Ichigo\’s disappointment and pride. It\’s not easy seeing someone you love falling in love with someone else. I was also frustrated that Hiro was unable to gently defeat Ichigo. However, being unable to convey her feelings is something teenagers struggle with, and if Franxx is about anything, it\’s about horny, sad, confused teenagers.


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